About Ozarks Holster Company

ozarks-holsters-icon-logoOften times when a business uses the word “we”, it means they have multiple people providing you with a service or product.  There may be a person that cuts the parts, another then assembles it, and possibly one or two more people between quality control and packaging.  When I deal with customers I often say we, but the fact is, I am the only one to do the previously mentioned tasks at OHC.

It may only be one person that makes the product, but it took multiple people to make the person.  If it wasn’t  for my family that taught me growing up how to know right from wrong and be responsible. If not for my loving fiancé that puts up with the long working nights, I wouldn’t have a meal prepared or a thread to wear.  If not for Cabinet-Mart Inc., where I was employed 1999 to 2014, there would have been no opportunity to learn how to operate a small business and be successful.

So if I say “we”, that’s where it comes from.  Even though it’s a one man band, I will still carry the pride of ten in my product and customer service, as I have done since this hobby evolved.  That’s just how “we” do it at OHC.